Potty Training: Part One

Well…..this is new! It’s like weaning for the first time again (well weaning of a different kind) = Mum out of depth. 

Day One – Tuesday 4th April:

I decided to jump in to the potty training world around 10.30am after a lazy morning  and when I asked H if he wanted to wear big boy pants, he actually said YES

Not a single wee/accident until I went out of the room to prep lunch, cue ‘mega-wee’.  Full change of bottoms and a scrub if the carpet, but all fine and still insistent on wearing big boy pants. Lunch went without a hitch, we then put his sister to bed and had some quiet time together. 

I asked him if he wanted a snack, and asked him to do a wee on the potty. Hoorah, a big wee on the potty and a biscuit with jam in for H (otherwise known as a nutri-grain bar!). 

Getting ready to visit Nanna and Grandad and another accident, so a quick change before getting in the car. I popped a bed mat in the car seat to keep it dry if there was an accident. H fell asleep a nanosecond into the journey, but thankfully dry on arrival to Nanna’s. 

At Nanna’s, he managed three wee’s on the potty which was great and I praised him lots afterwards as did Nanna. Back home and time for bed. I feel a bit like I’ve taken a backwards step tonight putting a nappy on, a bit contradictory I suppose. Is this normal?

We are going on a 3hr car journey tomorrow, do I put him in a nappy or stick with pants and the bed mat in the car seat?? Help!!

What are your tips for potty training? Lots of praise? Treats? Reward charts? 

Watch out for ‘Potty Training: Part Two’ or ‘I Give Up!’ 

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