Moving House

Well, we ended 2018 by selling our family home and the prospect of moving to a new village to a house with an absolutely amazing garden, however, we ended January 2019 with a big decision to make. A house had come on the market in our village; a village that has become a big part of our life….

So, what was our decision? Well, we pulled out of our purchase and secured the house in our beloved village. Although, we were moving from a detached house to a semi detached, the plot has more than made up for it. We are lucky enough to now have field views both at the front and the back. Wand I thank my lucky stars that we were fortunate enough to have stumbled into this wonderful rural village 6 years ago, and to tell you the truth we haven’t looked back!

A house literally COVERED in ivy!

Now for the inside, somewhat dated and a bit of a project, but actually quite inoffensive as its all BEIGE. However, first on the list is creating a big kitchen/diner. The current layout has the kitchen and dining room spread over three (yes, THREE!) rooms which isn’t ideal when cooking and eating with a 5 and 4 year old, in fact, its been a right pain in the bum! We have redesigned our new kitchen/diner, and are creating a downstairs bedroom come office in the process. The work started six weeks, and hopefully we are now on the home stretch.

Estate agent photos!
Top – both halves of the kitchen
Bottom left – main bedroom
Bottom right – lounge

The beauty of this house is the potential. It was initially a bit of conundrums what to do with the rabbit warren of rooms, yet we were also mindful of not wanting to lose any value and also get the most use as a family. I think we’ve made the right choice, and still have more options for upstairs (possible extension to create a fourth bedroom upstairs with ensuite, sorry Stew!)

We are coming up to 6 months since we moved (its taken a while to pen this post!), and I still can’t believe we have this beautiful garden and soon; what’s next on the list? Who knows, but I would love a new bathroom downstairs, a boot room revamp, a woodburner in the open fire in the lounge, a new front door, a wider driveway, a new patio in the back to complement the new bifold doors and a bit of garden design (or someone to just tell me the names of the plants!), not much then, ha!

Next page will be of our downstairs renovation!