The ‘Mumchat’

Have you or do you have a ‘Mumchat‘? By Mumchat,  I refer to a chat or sometimes a group chat with friends which is often a brazen, to the point conversation with a general theme of TMI and/or overshare on topics not usually voiced in front of the general public. Whether it be about damaged body parts, leaky boobs, a POO-nami, or just good old embarrassing supermarket toddler tantrum. It is surprising what suddenly becomes acceptable chat when you become a Mum.

I know I had absolutely no qualms about sharing stories about stitches, cracked nipples, anecdotes from sharing an induction room (FYI: the curtain does not soundproof your farts!), the enormous amount of maternity (fanny pads) and breast pads you get through (I could have set up a trust fund with the amount I spent on those things!), and I proudly sent friends pictures of my first 30ml of expressed breast milk on day three like I’d pumped out actual liquid gold!

Mumchat isn’t just birth stories and embarrassing moments with the kids; yes, I’m talking about when your little cherub becomes ‘that child’ in public (i.e Next) and it takes you and your Mum five minutes to force a rigid 18month old into the pushchair through fits of giggles! ‘Mumchat’ is the lighthearted banter with a hint of brazen filth that can often rescue you from a stressful day, cabin fever or your sanity especially if you are already on your third episode of everybody’s favourite pig or incompetent postman and it’s not even breakfast time yet. So, go on, start that Mumchat….

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