She’s FOUR!

I can’t believe that the little dot who was born weighing just 5lb 8oz is now four. I am shocked that you will be starting primary school next September (I’m certainly not ready for that!) and I am thankful that I have one final year of fun with you.

You seem to have changed so much this past year; you’re no longer a toddler, you’ve grown into a little girl. You are such a caring little one, who adores looking after babies, has developed a love of crafting, but is also quite fond of getting outside with her brother.

You are such an independent little girl which makes me very proud but also a little sad that you’re doing things yourself now. With your independence, comes a little bit of an attitude and some sass! You are a feisty one for sure and can certainly hold your own.

Two years on and you are STILL flamingo mad, so we are off to the zoo today to see them. Amongst your other favourite things are unicorns, rainbows, playing with dolls and running about with your friends and Henry.

I am pleased to have a feisty, independent daughter; keep growing and being you my darling. Have an amazing day celebrating.

Lots of love



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