Five years of fun!

And so, it is that time of the year again when my first born becomes another year older. I know I say it every year, but I can’t believe you’re FIVE years old!

A lot has happened in this last year, you’ve become dry at night, we’ve moved house (twice!), finished pre-school, started swimming lessons and started school!

School has been the biggest change this year, and I have to admit, I think we have both struggled with the transition. Me, because I have loathed losing my time with you, and you have struggled to adjust to the many rules that school entails. Now I know I don’t have a naughty boy, but school presented itself with a few challenges initially. It took us a while to figure it all out, but we got there in the end. I hate that everything is such a rush in the mornings and evenings, I wish we didn’t have to go to school everyday (which I guess is bad coming from a teacher!). That said, you seem to have come on leaps and bounds and are enjoying learning new things; your reading has developed so well and your handwriting is fantastic. We are still working on enjoying maths (and PE!) but we’ll get there.

You are still very much an outdoor lover, always wanting to go outside and play football, collect sticks, puddle jumping or gardening, but your new favourite activity is litter picking ! Our village is now super clean. I can’t wait to take you out into the forest in the summer and utilise all my forest school skills and teach you all sorts, especially now I have a bowsaw!

Happy birthday my gorgeous (not so) little boy, I hope you have a fantastic day and enjoy your disco party at the weekend. We are all looking forward to the next year of fun and frolics!

All my love, as always


x x x

Review: Sacrewell Farm, Christmas Experience

“A truly magical experience for little ones.”

We haven’t visited Sacrewell for a while despite its close proximity to us; I think as its being undergoing a bit of a revamp. When L was born, I had an annual pass and spent a good chunk of my maternity leave lugging L through the play barn chasing after H!

So when we were invited to come along and try their new ‘Christmas Experience’, we jumped at the chance.  On arrival, we received a lovely welcome and were given our Father Christmas tickets and tractor ride wrist bands.  First stop was the big man himself.  A short walk past the goats, new improved outdoor play area, we came to the drive up to the old farmhouse.

The walk up was pretty, with stars hanging from the trees and there was a real Christmassy feel. The Farmhouse is adorned with sparkly lights and surrounded by Christmas trees, but the main attraction is Father Christmas’ amazing sleigh. If you pose on the sleigh and use the hashtag ‘Sacrewell Christmas’ you are entered into a prize draw to win a family annual pass!

The entrance hall to the farmhouse is lined with twinkling lights, christmas trees and gorgeous animals (reindeers, penguins, polar bears).  Mrs Claus greeted us as we entered and talks to all the children ensuring the excitement builds. She then helps each child make a bag of reindeer food, and explains how you put it out on Christmas Eve.

Its then time to enter into Father Christmas’ room.  The open fire is lit, there is a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and homemade mince pies for adults, creating a homely feel.  Father Christmas is sat next to the fire with a stool either side for children. He was such a genuine man, and made such an effort to engage with each child; asking their names and what they would like for Christmas, etc. Each child/family then has the opportunity to have their photo taken with Father Christmas (which are purchasable for an extra cost). After each child has sat with Father Christmas, he then holds out a bag which holds the ‘magic key’.  

H and L both got a key, and after leaving Father Christmas they discovered it opened a very special door indeed.  The key opened the Elves Workshop! H and L thought this was just fantastic, and even better that they were then able to choose their own toy (from a good selection). H chose a bug excavation kit and L, a puppet elephant now named ‘Ellie’.


Upon leaving the Elves Workshop, there is a table set out for writing letters to Father Christmas with beautiful headed paper and an array of coloured envelopes.  We chose to bring ours home to do as H and L are still a bit young and need quite a lot of help. Next up was our tractor ride. This was a nice little amble through the grounds of the farm and into neighbouring Riverford. H and L both enjoyed looking at the scenery and were quite chatty about what they were seeing.

One of the main attractions of the farm, particularly in the winter is the ‘Playbarn’. It can turn what could be a wet, cold trip out to somewhere were you can warm up and have a cup of tea. H and L have been to the play barn quite a few times and wasted no time in running straight in. After lunch we came out for a walk and found a new obstacle course which they both loved (as well as Mummy and Daddy!), we then took a walk to the outdoor play area and to see some of the animals. Despite their pleads to stay a bit longer, we were all farmed out and headed home for a rest.

All in all, a truly magical Christmas experience for H and L and I would recommend it to other parents. The play barn is fantastic, however, my only criticism would be that there were fewer animals to pet/feed than on previous visits and I think children enjoy this aspect of the farm. BUT, that said, Sacrewell are doing a great job of bringing the farm up to speed!

Price: Adult £7.00, Child £12.50, Under 2 £5. This is for the peak periods (weekends and the week before Christmas) and includes the Christmas experience.

Disclaimer: We were fortunate to have been gifted a Christmas Experience at Sacrewell; however, I have carried out the review independently, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thank you


Forest School….

So if you already follow me on here, you’ll know I have been dabbling in a bit of Forest School. A PE teacher by trade, but I fancied upping the ante a little bit. So, in February I embarked on my Level 3 Forest School leader training.

If you’ve never heard of forest school, it is really hard to describe without sounding like a bit of woodland weirdo. But there are so many things I enjoy about forest school! The comradery that forms between children, the confidence and resilience it develops through risk, learning life skills such as making fire, tool work, building dens, there’s just so many. Forest schools education explain it well here.

Back in February I started the course and boy was I a rabbit in headlights (I still am sometimes!). The course is not for the faint hearted, it’s been a big learning curve for me and a steep one at that, but over the past 6 months I’ve come to enjoy learning new skills and practising them, but most importantly I cherish every moment outside with my children. Now H and L are regular forest schoolers as they are very lucky to have weekly session at their nursery. But they have loved going out into the woods with me and learning / trying new things. They relish the chance to collect sticks and forage for silver birch bark.

On completing the training element of the course, five of the most intense days of my teaching career to date, I was sent away to try and complete my portfolio; 61 pieces of work (yes 61!). I started off with great intentions but as usual life just got in the way and my discipline to forest school wavered. Come June, I was called back in to complete my Outdoor First Aid certificate which was absolutely fantastic. Our Dave, the instructor had great fun making us over during our casualty simulation. I was given a burn, someone else had an amputation, and there were lots of other injuries with varying degrees of severity.

Fast forward to the summer holidays and I started flapping that I was nowhere near done on the portfolio and assessment week was looming. Over the summer, I think I managed to complete between 10-12 assignments before the practical assessment. This meant working for 1-2hrs of an evening after having the children all dat. September 10th saw the start of the practical assessment and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified!

Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th – thank the lord these were revision sessions, but Dave (our instructor) definitely put us through our paces! We practised tying our knots (timber hitch, alpine butterfly, trucker hitch and a quick release knot), making and keeping a fire going for 10 minutes, boiling water in a kelly kettle, putting up shelters and using some tools; the bowsaw, billhook and sheath knives. It’s safe to say I was exhausted after day one and two BUT I had a fab time rekindling my love for forest school (ok maybe not whittling!) AND best of all having a great time with my fellow forest schoolers.

Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th – now these were the real deal, our actual assessment. My peers and I had gotten ourselves a little stressed about Wednesday as who doesn’t get a little panicked by a ‘test’. Now today was going to be a real test of not only my forest school skills but my time management. We’d been split into 3 groups, a starter, main and dessert. Throughout the day each person had to demonstrate how to use knots: putting up a shelter, making a low ropes course, making and keeping a fire going for 10mins using their own foraged materials; cut, split and whittle a tent peg, show how to clean and maintain the tools, teach another person for 5 minutes AND if that wasn’t enough, we also had to heat water in a kelly kettle in a group, make a piece of furniture and cook a course of food whilst managing a fire for TWO hours. I think it was safe to safe we were all flabbergasted at the extent of tasks for the day. I don’t think I stopped at all well apart from to eat all our delicious food. We made vegetable soup (from scratch), Gaelic mushrooms on toast, chicken and chorizo risotto and chocolate cake cooked in oranges with hot chocolate. Everything was absolutely delicious. With Wednesday and all the individual tasks out of the way, that meant only Thursday was left. Today we had to lead a session for a group of children. Easy you say, as we had all lead 6 sessions as part of our portfolio leading up to the assessment week, BUT this was Little Acorns ‘Stay and Play’ session! Now if I lived closer, I would taking my little ones to stay and play every week. Between myself, Abs, Jen, Ruth and Hannah we ran a ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ session for 2hrs. Well, what an amazing experience! It was so so different leading an already an established session and I learned a lot. Being a teacher I’m used to planning my lessons and 99% of the time they go like clockwork BUT forest school is so different. Whilst the sessions are planned, the plan isn’t the ‘be all and end all’, I enjoyed the challenge of mixing it up and going with the moment. I’m really lucky that my children attend a fantastic nursery near to where we live, one which uses a ‘planning in the moment’ system. It’s so so important to allow children to discover things and engage with what they want learn. So it’s ok to sometimes go off piste and I did just that today. I was able to work one on one with a pre schooler using a tube we’d found. We tried putting things through the tube and seeing which would come out the fastest, and rolling things down to discover which rolled the furthest. A child’s mind is like dry sponge and as adults we need feed them droplets of knowledge to allow them expand their mind and grow into well rounded individuals.

Now my assessment week is complete and date I say that I enjoyed it. If it wasn’t for all my fantastic and hopefully lifelong friends, I might not have survived the last 6 months with a smile on my face. I am astounded and excited that going into my 11th year of teaching I am doing something new AND that with a huge sense of relief, a big slap on the back I have PASSED the practical assessment of my training. Now with a kick up the bum I can begin motoring through my portfolio and finish those pesky 61 assignments!

Watch this space, who knows what the future will be for me!

Books, Bakes and my Babes

Well, its been an awfully long time since you last saw a post from me, but I think life has just been happening.  I have been beavering away trying to get through my Forest School portfolio (with A LOT of moral boosting texts from my fellow FS pals Abs, Jen and Ruth!), plodding my way through my reading challenge, new bakes, and there have been some challenges to deal with in the holidays with regards to the children’s behaviour.


So far I am on track with my reading challenge.  My target for 2018 is 25 books, and I am 60% of the way through so far with about 4 months to go.  I’ve tried to branch out and read some new authors, but my favourite picks so far are:

Gail Honeyman: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. I got this to see if it lived up to the hype.  It was slow to start for me as it didn’t grab me, in part because its not my usual style, but it was a fabulous read and you really feel like you are part of the story. A definite must read.

Jo Watson: Love to Hate You, Burning Moon and After the Rain. If you’ve never read Jo Watson before, they are all romance novels which are lighthearted but addictive to read.  I’d say they are relatively short as I whizzed through them, but I think I am also a fast reader.

Louise Pentland: Wilde Like Me and Wilde About the Girl. Bookworm and Theatre Mouse kindly sent me Wilde Like Me, I started this after my Spanish adult holiday (although I took a mid book break, something I don’t usually do!). What a lovely read. It took about 4/5 chapters to get into it, however once I got into it, I really enjoyed it and I was thinking about when I’d next be able to able sit down and read it! And lucky for me, no sooner had I finished it, the sequel Wilde About the Girl was released, which is beautifully written account of a turbulent year in the life of Robin Wilde; a tale of heartache, romance, family life, and happiness all rolled into one.

Whilst I may have read already read 17 books this year, I STILL have a huge (and still growing) ‘to be read‘ (TBR) pile which includes:

Terry Hayes – I Am Pilgrim; I have heard great things from this book, but I am daunted at starting it because of its length.

Jojo Moyes – Still Me; I LOVED the two previous books in this trilogy, and I watched the film after reading them, so I have high hopes for this one.

Ruth Hogan – The Keeper of Lost Things; I’ve heard good things about this book and despite hoping my ever faithful bookish friends (Hayley From Home and Bookworm and Theatre Mouse) have read it, they have not. The synopsis tells me that it is a ‘charming, clever and quietly moving debut novel of endless possibilities and joyous discoveries that explores the promises we make and break, losing and finding ourselves, the objects that hold magic and meaning for our lives, and the surprising connections that bind us’. It’s sounds a little off the track of my usual reads but I’ve been trying to broaden my horizons from my usual traditional romance stories and favourite others. It’s on my list, so watch this space.

I’m currently reading Paige Toon – Five Years From Now as my blogger friend ‘Mummy Matters‘ suggested her as an author I might like. I’m enjoying it so far although it has quite long chapters which isn’t a problem but I have a weird OCD about not finishing a chapter. I keep track of which books I’ve read and my TBR reads on Goodreads if you fancy following me on there.


Like all parents, by day five of the school holidays I had already been asked for a snack 3,947 times and it was getting tedious to say the least. I knew I had to up my game as all the snacks I was giving them were full of sugar and expensive. It was then that I discovered ‘My Fussy Eater‘ on Facebook. And I haven’t looked back. Ciara’s recipes are just delicious, I originally bought the book after seeing her wonderful yoghurt bark flash up on my Facebook feed and boy it has not disappointed so far. I am a passionate believer of homemade sweet treats (and I’m in no way saying you can’t buy shop bought as I do that too for convenience!) but I know exactly what goes into a cake baked by me, no preservatives, just simple ingredients. It is great to see that Ciara’s sweet recipes are mostly healthy as they are made with coconut oil and/or peanut butter but there is butter in them too. Whilst cooking some of her recipes I discovered a new peanut butter and just how unhealthy the peanut butter we were using really was. I now cook solely with FUEL peanut butter as it contains no added sugar and no palm oil (which is great for the environment). I have also been trying to think about being environmentally with our lives and I really want to try being plastic free but I need to research a bit more before I jump in. I have seen an amazing company called ‘Global Wake Cup‘. They produce some fantastic reusable cups and bottles as well as backpacks produced from paper and best of all: 10% of all profits go to the Marine Conservation Society.

Anyway, I digress; so far, the children have been enjoying her sweet treats, in particular her: chocolate chip granola bars, cranberry cookies, chocolate chip energy bites, raspberry twists, and oaty biscuits. My husband and I have also been enjoying her savoury meals and my favourites are currently the apple, carrot and chicken balls, pesto salmon and chicken and mango burgers, although sadly the children haven’t been fans of these yet, but I won’t give up that easily!

Left to right: TL – cranberry cookie and chocolate chip energy bite. TR – carrot, apple and chicken balls. BL – strawberry quinoa bars. BR – yoghurt bark.


I can safely say it’s been a tiring and challenging yet fulfilling summer holiday with the children. We appear to have reached a few milestones with L as not only has she potty trained, she also given up the dummy. Now both of these weren’t without their teething problems; the potty training seemed to go on for such a long time despite L being a really quick learner. She grasped the concept of going for a wee really quickly, however using the potty / toilet for a poo was a different story. It wasn’t until around 7-8 weeks after initially potty training did she grasp the concept. In that time, there were quite a pants thrown away and a lot of “FML” muttered under my breath when I was once again dealing with a poo in her pants. Thankfully, in the last 2-3 weeks she’s come on leaps and bounds and has been nailing it; hoorah! And the dummy, well I somewhat foolishly chose the hottest night of the decade to give that one up, but 6 weeks in and she hasn’t asked for it since about day six or seven. It has however made her night wakings that bit harder to deal with resulting in one tired Mummy.

Whilst his sister has been hitting some developmental milestones, H has been testing my patience somewhat. It often appears that he and his peers develop a universal non listening function the second the summer holidays begin and at times it has felt like a long and exhausted summer ‘break’. I often feel guilty for wishing the time away, but it has felt stressful and consuming quite a bit of the time. I have actively tried not to take them out on big days to lots of new places as I think it gets too much for both myself and the children so I tried to stick to a rule of a day out, a day in rule. For my day out rule, I think we only visited two brand new places and all the rest are frequent haunts of ours.

I think part of the problem is that all they hear is my voice ALL DAY, so I guess I can become a little overbearing and the same is definitely said for both H and L.

This September sees H begin reception and whilst I don’t feel upset in the grand scheme of things, I feel shocked that it seems to have come round really quickly. Last week, we attended his graduation ceremony for nursery and it is all so real now as I held the past 3 years of H’s nursery life in a folder.

It’s September next week and that will see me only looking after one child on my days off. It will be so strange just having L at home with me, and I think that’s what I’m most sad about. Whilst I am (almost) ready for summer to be over and our routine to be restored, I don’t want to miss anymore days with my little H. Some days he still seems so young where as other days he is totally ready; I think it will be a steep learning curve for him as he is such an active boy and really yearns to be outside so I’m a little anxious for September. I’m sure he will take it all in his stride though.

Review: The Bakehouse Cook School

Well, where do I start! I stumbled across ‘The Bakehouse Cook School‘ whilst scrolling through Facebook one evening about a fortnight ago. To my excitement, they not only had a parent / child workshop, they even had spaces left! Fantastic I thought, and I quickly booked H and I on.  And at £32.03, it was an absolute BARGAIN (£2.03 booking fee). We were going to bake cookies, cheese straws and cake truffles, perfect!

I had been telling H for a few days about our special Mummy and H treat, and when the day came, he was really excited about doing some baking.  Both H and L often help me make cakes, cookies, etc, but I was hoping this would be a more pleasurable and less stressful experience.

Sarah and Evey gave us a lovely warm welcome when we arrived, Evey took our bags and put our containers out ready, H and I were offered a drink which was greatly appreciated. Having just run a 10k in 24 degree heat, I was a little parched (but thats a story for another day!), I had a cup of tea, H some orange juice and we both dabbled in sampling some of the very delectable snacks (what we would be making!).

After donning our aprons, it was straight down to business and we began with preparing our COOKIES.  Certainly not for the diet conscious (a WHOLE pack of butter!), we creamed our sugar and butter, then came the flour and coca powder.  H loved getting his hands stuck in and mixing it all together (something he doesn’t usually do at home, so that was a welcome change). Once it was all combined, we then rolled them into walnut sized balls.  I’ve never made cookies this way before, and it was so child friendly, so we will be definitely be doing them again. H then pressed down on each one with a fork (a little too over zealous on a few!). The mixture made a massive batch of around 25-30 cookies, great for a class birthday. We labelled our trays, and Evey popped them in the oven to bake.

Next up was the CHEESE STRAWS, now those who know me will know I dislike cheese.  I hate the smell, the texture, and the taste; but I dug deep and ploughed through. Another really simple, yet effective recipe. A sheet of pre-made puff pastry (seriously who’s got time for making that).  We laid it out on the worktop and rolled it slightly thinner, a task H very much enjoyed. Once rolled, we egg washed the whole sheet, and sprinkled with both cheddar and parmesan cheese.  I won’t lie quite a bit went in H’s mouth, but its all part of the fun.  We decided to spread half of our baking sheet with some basil pesto.  I love pesto, but there were other options, marmite (love it or hate it), red pesto or sun dried tomato pesto, all of which would have been delicious (apart from maybe the marmite, yes I’m a hater). We folded over the sheet of puff pastry and trimmed the edges. H and I then carefully sliced the pastry so we had strips, then we twisted them slightly as we lined are baking tray with them. H was then tasked with sprinkling yet more cheese over them. Off to the oven with them, next up: CAKE TRUFFLES.

This was so easy! And involved ZERO baking. A shop bought Madeira cake had already been blitzed into crumbs for us. We then melted some milk chocolate over hot water and combined the two. Once all combined, we did yet more rolling and made some cake balls. H found this difficult as the mixture was less malleable than the cookies so he was tasked with the decoration. Which, lets face it, when you’re four years old, is way more exciting! We decided to flavour our cake truffles, one vanilla and one orange, they were then covered in chopped nuts and/or sprinkles.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Evey were beavering away getting our cookies and cheese straws out of the oven and displaying them for us. There was so much food!

H and I had a blast, Evey and Sarah were so attentive throughout, nothing was too much trouble at all. We will definitely be back for another round or I might try an evening adult class. I would wholeheartedly recommend giving it a go. H was almost 4, but I would definitely consider going with my 2.5y old.

Well done Bakehouse Cook School. We had a fab time!

Disclaimer: I have carried out the review independently, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thank you


Four seems so grown up…

I feel like today has been looming for a while, but somehow it still seems so odd that I now have a four year old.  I read my post from when you turned three, a whole year ago; and you have grown so much, yet I still feel you are my baby boy.

You are still an inquisitive little soul, you never shut up (which can be very annoying at times!), and you still absolutely love the outdoors, which is a bit of a concern for school come September, but I absolutely wouldn’t change you for the world.

Last year I wrote about meal time woes and having my patience tested.  We seemed to have turned a corner recently with the eating; although you still don’t have a vastly varied diet, you will generally eat most of the time, now we have learned the art of reasoning! My patience, however, is still tested, at least once a day (usually). Most of time, you go on the naughty step for not listening, but we are getting there.

Since your last birthday, I have changed jobs and gained more time with you; going from five days to three which includes a full weekend as a family, and I have LOVED every minute of it.  We have been able to go away for weekends, plan day trips on BOTH days and it has been marvellous!

You are so independent when we go out, always trying the park equipment, even the tall ones I hate. Sometimes you attack things with no fear, other times, you panic and need my reassurance.  I don’t know if its a boy thing or a toddler thing, but you seem to have boundless energy, and my favourite way to spend time with you is inventing adventures when we are outside. We do love a bear hunt or a treasure walk.

School is now looming and it still fills me with horror that in four months time you will be starting school.  We were lucky enough to gain a place at our preferred choice, where you currently attend pre-school.  Looking back it was a hard decision to send you to pre-school, but you settled well without a backwards glance as I always knew you would (even though there were a few niggly doubts at the back of my mind).  The real tough decision was giving up some of my precious time with you. Knowing school is around the corner has got me worrying over things you are not doing and should be doing.  A daily battle I am trying to win is getting dressed. On days we are rushing out to work / school, I find I am dressing you as if left to your own devices, we wouldn’t arrive until lunchtime.  However, other times, you are so independent and demand to put your shoes on yourself.

For your birthday this year, we have kept it quite low key with no party, which I have to say has been nice.  Daddy and I are taking you see a theatre show of Julia Donaldson’s: Tiddler, Squash and a Squeeze and The Smartest Giant and I can’t wait. We haven’t had any time just the three of us since your sister arrived in 2015! For your actual birthday, you are in nursery for half a day so you can celebrate with your pals and of course cake! You will be going to your favourite place, the forest for your weekly forest school session. And I have to say, I feel I have peaked with your cake this year; I’m not sure I can top it, like EVER!

Although, I am anxious about what this next year will bring, I am so incredibly proud of the little boy you are becoming and I can’t wait to see what memories we will make this year. I hope the next year brings you as much joy as the last four have given me.

Happy birthday my beautiful little boy.

All my love


x x

And just like that, you are two!

So today is the day that my darling baby girl turns two, I literally cannot believe she is actually two.  Two whole years!  All my friends seem to be popping out second siblings at the moment causing my uterus to weep for a third; although like my friend says, “I’ll have a third baby and be divorced in the same year!”. She still seems so baby like to me, I think because I treat her a bit like that (savouring the baby days) and her speech seems less developed than her brother’s was, so it makes her feel younger, although now I’ve written that her speech seems to be improving loads just this week.

You were a shock arrival at just under two weeks early and we were not prepared in any way! The car seat was still in the garage and the moses basket had been in the loft for well over a year! You were such a little dot too at just 5lb 8oz; you had these tiny little legs like a sparrow.  You were fussy to feed and struggled to gain weight in the beginning, but you wouldn’t think it to look at you now.

You are beginning to become such an independent little girl, I guess having an older brother does that.  I can sense potty training is just around the corner (although that would mean no more changing nappies in the day which would be great, but it also definitely signifies you’re a big girl!), you refuse to sit in a high chair anymore and we are constantly asking you to ‘sit down’ at the table, you won’t let me open your yoghurt anymore, you love playing with dolls as well as splashing in muddy puddles and you love watching Peppa Pig and your new favourite phrase is ‘No Mummy‘; usually said with a frown.

However, there are still some baby-ish ways you are accustomed to which I love.  You are a terrible sleeper (ok, I don’t love this trait!), a constant source of my moans and groans.  I think I could count on my hands the amount of times you’ve slept through in two years.   When I went back to work, we got into a bad habit of allowing you to come and cuddle in bed with us as we were exhausted constantly getting up.  I tried sleep training you in the summer holidays and it succeeded for about two weeks, but old habits have crept back in, and you are once again a ‘bed invader’.  Whilst it can be terribly annoying to co-sleep with a child (thankfully for me, my husband usually bares the brunt of the kicking!), I try (and I mean TRY) to take pleasure knowing she likes to be close to us and loves a cuddle, and you do love a cuddle or ‘TUDDLE” as you call it. You are still very much attached to your dummy, it’s essential for getting you to sleep so I don’t think it’ll be going anytime soon! I’m desperately trying to hold onto the baby days just that little bit longer and have recently bought you some more babygrows for bedtime, and boy do you look cute.

She is such a little dare devil: running around everywhere, jumping off anything and everything, climbing anything and everything.  I honestly need eyes in the back of head, and I thought mine were good being a teacher and all, but boy do they need honing to match little L. My Mum will laugh when she reads this, but L is most certainly a chip off the old block.  It is almost like she is ‘baby me’ reincarnated but with the tantrums multiplied ten fold.  She is such a headstrong little girl who knows what she wants, and will definitely sulk if she doesn’t get it.  Obviously, now you are two, we enter the realms of the ‘Terrible Two’s’, although we most certainly seem to have learned how to tantrum with the best of them already.  Jeepers, you can be difficult at times, and I can already see we will clash when you are older as we are so similar minded!

Sadly, she is yet to have a proper birthday party with her friends, but I have attempted to make her some Peppa Pig cupcakes for nursery. We have my parents here for the weekend so I am looking forward to enjoying some family time, more cake and lots of adventures!

I still can’t believe you are actually two, as I remember 2.42am on the 5th October 2015 like it was yesterday.  I hope you continue to be you with that cheeky grin and gorgeous smile as (and I think you know this) it melts my heart everytime.

You’re funny and frustrating, inquisitive and infuriating, caring and challenging, yet I can’t imagine a single day without seeing your infectious smile.

Happy birthday my sweet little baby girl

Love Mummy

x x x x

A Summer of Fun!

Already, the summer of 2017 seems a distant memory as we are hurtling towards Autumn.  It seemed like that the summer break passed by in the blink of an eye, and here I am back at work with a thud of reality. It’s been a while since I’ve written a post about what we’ve been up to, but we have been busy bees having lots of adventures and making memories.

Finishing Work: This summer saw me leaving a job I’d been in for five years, my longest serving teaching post to date. It was most definitely the end of era (well for me anyway) leaving what I’d known for five years and my comfort zone. Whilst I am incredibly sad not to be working with some truly great friends anymore, I am excited about my new prospects: working in a more part time role and being able to spend some more days at home with H and L. We are still adjusting to our new routine, which I’m sure will be sorted by the end of the week.  I see smile every time I walk upstairs and see my beautiful leaving gift has taken up pride of place at the top of my stairs where I can see it everyday.

Our Spanish Holiday: I am lucky enough to work in an independent school, with this it brings an earlier finish for summer. Because of this, we were able to go to Spain before the main state school holidays had started. So on July 8th, we flew to Barcelona for our holiday on the outskirts of Girona with 10 of our friends and their families (4 children in total). The villa was set in beautiful grounds atop a hillside with gorgeous views of the Spanish countryside. It took us a few days to get H’s courage up and get him in the pool (he wouldn’t go in the pool at all on our holiday in 2016!), after the first success it was difficult to get him out! My favourite day by far was our day at the beach. H absolutely loved it (although I’m not sure the Spanish tourists approved of his naked bum!), L needed a touch more convincing on the sea front but still a very enjoyable day by all!

What I’ve been reading: I tried to read a few books over the summer. Gone are the days when I could read for hours on end I the summer, with a 3 and 1 year chomping at my heels, it’s rare I get my book out before bedtime. We were lucky enough to have a cheeky weekend away without the children (courtesy of my parents) and I managed to read a book over the weekend inbetween sightseeing around Knaresborough (see review here). But, here is my list of summer reads:

1. Jojo Moyes – The One Plus One

2. Sylvia Day – One With You

3. Milly Johnson – The Queen of Wishful Thinking

4. Lucie Wheeler – The First Time Mums Club

5. Milly Johnson – Sunshine Over Wildflower Cottage [currently reading, and enjoying]

Decorating: this summer has seen a decorating mission!! The house has been in dire need of some updating as it’s virtually not been touched since before H was born, if at all. I had a weeks grace of paid nursery care for both H and L, so I worked like a trojan for 3.5 days to sort the hallway, and paint the front door and garage.  I can safely say I won’t be in a hurry to paint the bannister again!! After a few weeks off, I set to work in the kitchen. This time I didn’t have the luxury of childcare, so it was an evening job.  Each wall required three coats (I know!), I repainted the Welsh dresser and half moon table too.  We also bought new dining chairs as our old ones were disintegrated.  Its now almost finished, I just need to get my custom made pallet wood shelf up and paint the skirting boards and it will be done.  I am so so pleased with how its turned out and absolutely love it! Next on the list is Lily’s bedroom which will be October half terms job.

Memories:  There have been many memories made and such wonderful times with the children this summer, and I still can’t believe its all come to an end, although I do love some puddle jumping and leaf kicking, so I will be welcoming Autumn with open arms (one of my favourite seasons).  Highlights of the summer memories have to be: splashing in the pool and at the beach in Spain, our childfree weekend, lazy mornings, baking, seeing family, the village produce show, the zoo, and many more.

The next few weeks see quite a hectic social calendar for the children, and my little L turns two. More on that in a few weeks.

Entertaining the children over summer! 

** As the summer holidays are now upon us, I have updated last years list win a few additions and price changes. **

After what can only be described as a bit of a washout last week and being half way (yes half way!!) through the holidays, I decided to draft a list of local places you can visit to jazz up your summer holidays and hopefully make it easier to entertain your little ones.  I’m lucky enough to live bordering quite a few counties, so I’m able to visit Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Rutland all within a 20 minute car journey.  I’ve sectioned them by county and have tried to include information from my own visits, although there are some I have not yet visited!


Ferry Meadows – Ham Lane, Peterborough, PE2 5UU. Parking – £1.50 for the first hour, 50p per half an hour after that. Ferry Meadows country park is a great place to blow away the cobwebs.  There are plenty of play park areas, a sand pit, and a small water park area.  There is also a train ride (surcharge applies) and plenty of grass to run around, play football or have a picnic in.  Lakeside offers an array of light bites, coffees, drinks and ice cream; and the Visitor Centre has activities on offer for children throughout the summer holidays.

Peterborough Museum – Priestgate, Peterborough, PE1 1LF. Free admission. There are three floors of interesting artefacts and information at Peterborough Museum, including a fantastic area on the history of Peterborough.  My two loved pottering around when we have visited before when we needed to kill a few hours.  There is also a lovely coffee shop on site.

Sacrewell Farm – Thornhaugh, Peterborough, PE8 6HJ. Admission prices:  Adult £7, Child (2-13) £10, Under 2 FREE.  Sacrewell Farm is just off both the A1 and A47 but is packed with exciting things to do.  There are lots of animals to visit and some you can pet, and a newly restored Mill.  The main attraction for me is the ‘Playbarn’, a huge barn filled with soft play.  It is fantastic with 3 distinct areas, there are plenty of picnic tables inside the play barn as well as toilets and a cafe which is open during most of the summer holidays.  Best to arrive early to avoid crowding in the play barn and to get a table for lunch!

Hill Farm P.Y.O. – Oundle Road, Chesterton, Peterborough, PE7 3UA.  Admission prices: FREE.  Hill Farm is one of our local ‘Pick Your Own’ farms.  Although the strawberry crop has now finished, their summer fruiting raspberries are ready.  A great bit of fun for the kids, and there’s a cafe and play area on site too!  Please check their website or Facebook page before travelling as they update the levels of crop available and you wouldn’t want to be disappointed when you turn up.

Hamerton Zoo – Hamerton, Sawtry, Cambs, PE28 5RE.  Admission prices: Adult £14.99, Child (3-12) £9.99, Under 3 FREE. Although technically in Huntingdonshire, I thought Hamerton Zoo was a worthy addition.  A small, yet perfectly formed zoo with many exciting animals such as tigers, and cheetahs, as well as monkeys, meerkats, lots of birds and a small farmyard.  There is a wonderful play park and a cafe on site, although I have found the cafe to get very busy and always take my own picnic.  There are plenty of tables to sit at and high chairs available as well as plenty of green space to sit and eat.

Flag FenThe Droveway, Northey Road, Peterborough , PE6 7QJ. Admission prices: Adults £6, Child £4. There are twelve acres of history and archaeology at Flag Fen and lots of activities to entertain your little ones. During the summer holidays, the ‘Big Dig’ tent is open to children as well as a play area for younger ones.  There is also a cafe on site for that all important caffeine hit!

Van Hage Garden Centre, Peterborough One Retail ParkVan Hage, Peterborough, PE1 4YZ.  Admission: FREE.  Throughout the summer holidays, there is an outdoor beach and a Gruffly inspired soft play kid zone (under 5′ only) at Van Hage Garden Centre.  There are also plenty of shops for Mummy to peruse.  Van Hage has a lovely cafe with a great array of snacks, lunches and drinks and at reasonable prices too.

Nene Valley Railway – NVR, Wansford Station, Stibbington, PE8 6LR.  Admission prices: Adult £16, Child £8.00, Under 3 FREE.  Nene Valley Railway is the home of Thomas the Tank in Peterborough. A trip to NVR wouldn’t be complete without a ride on Thomas.  You can take a trip to Ferry Meadows (see above) as well as look around the Station at all the steam engines. There is a cafe on site which stocks a range of lunches, snacks, drinks and ice creams.

Big Sky – Wainman Road, Peterborough, PE2 7BU.  Admission prices: Adults £1.75, Child (4-12) £7.95, Under 4’s £5.95, Under 1’s £3.00.  Big Sky is Peterborough’s Soft play centre.  Although I love soft play, I am still yet to visit hear, however, I have head GREAT things.  As well as traditional soft play, there is also a climbing wall, rides, cars and trampolines. It is split into 0-3 and 4-11 areas as well as the rides.  On site, there is free parking and a cafe which offers coffees, cakes and other delights.  There are plenty of seats to rest whilst your children run around!

Bretton Water Park – Flaxland, Peterborough.  Admission: FREE. Although I have never been (little H is somewhat wary of water), this place looks awesome.  I have friends who have visited who say it is great.  A big play area with soft playground floor with lots of fountains. Non toilet trained children must be wearing a swim nappy, if you forget, you can purchase one from the attendant.  When researching information online, there is little about Bretton Water Park, I couldn’t even find an address!! However, once you have turned on Flaxland in Bretton and gone past the Aldi, it is signposted.  Worth a look for sure, although you would need a sunny day!

Crazy Golf at Dobbies – Phorpes Way, Cygnet Park, Hampton, PE7 8NY. Admission prices: Adults £4.50, child £3.50. As far as I am aware, Crazy Golf at Dobbies is relatively new (I could be wrong!).  I love a trip to Dobbies especially if it includes a coffee and cake from their delicious cafe!  We are yet to take ours to play crazy golf (I think L might be a bit young at 22 months, and I fairly certain someone would end up being hit with a golf club!), but the course looks great fun, and the pricing isn’t too bad. A trip into Dobbies is always fun especially to have a look at the fish and small animals in the pet zone.

Bounce – Wedgwood Way, Peterborough, PE3 8AY. Admission prices: Adults and 5y+ £9.99, Child 3-4y £4.99 per hour, each hour after £4.99.  (Please note, these are online prices, £2 surcharge for walk in prices), you must also purchase Bounce grip socks for £1.99 if this is your first visit.  ‘Bounce‘ looks super fun, but I am yet to take H and L, although I am adamant they will have an amazing time (if their jumping on my bed is anything to go by), but I am petrified of a broken bone (silly I know!).  Friends who have visited (both young and more mature) have had a whale of a time, and I am sure this would be fantastic on a wet and miserable August day!

tent/uploads/2017/08/IMG_9908.jpg”> Top left: NVR, Top right: Sacrewell Farm, Bottom left: Hill Farm PYO, Bottom right: Ferry Meadows



West Lodge Rural Centre – Back Lane, Desborough, NN14 2SH. Admission prices: Adult £7.45, Child £7.45, Under 2’s FREE (cheaper if you pre-book online). Hidden away off the Main Street is West Lodge Rural Centre, but boy is it packed with things to see and do. Each day there are time lots for small animal petting, pony rides, tractor rides, lamb/kid feeding, piglet racing and much much more. There is an amazing playground with a ‘castle’ as my son calls it. As it is a working farm, there are plenty of animals to see including goats (animal feed is just 30p a bag!), pigs, chickens, geese and ducks, cows, and ponies. Around the farm, there is an area for den building, a big sand pit and a fantastic play area. There are picnic tables in abundance as well as a cafe on site which has a delicious lunches, cakes and a great selection of drinks. New in October 2017 was an indoor Adventure Barn which is AMAZING! Words don’t do it justice, but do read my previous review here. Well worth a visit!

Top Lodge, Fineshade Woods – Fineshade, Corby, NN17 3BB. Admission prices: FREE, parking £3 for 4 hours or £5 for 12 hours. Just a stones throw from where we live, we are lucky enough to be able to walk to Fineshade Woods.  There are plenty of trails and tracks throughout the woods which are perfect for cycling or just pushing the pushchair.  Beside the cafe (which sells a great range of sandwiches, panini’s, cakes and drinks) there is a play area perfect for toddlers, however, there is a more adventurous play area a short walk away.  Finished Woods is also the home of the Gruffalo trail,  activity packs are just £3.

Kings Cliffe Underground Centre – Church Walk, Kings Cliffe, PE8 6XD. Admission prices: £2. I am fortunate enough to live close by, so I get to use the Underground quite a bit.  There is so much going on for children and young families.  There is something on everyday of the week. My favourite sessions are Tiddler’s Cafe and Play (£2): lots of toys for children and tea/coffee for Mums and Dads (Monday and Wednesday), and Messy Play on Thursdays is fabulous too.  Search the underground centre on Facebook.

Barnwell Country Park – Barnwell Road, Oundle.  Admission prices: FREE, Parking £3 for 12 hours.  Barnwell offers a variety of things and my two always have a lovely day when we visit.  There is a great, large, and open play area including a sand pit, little houses and zip wire/ pulley; and new for Summer 2018 a water play area. There are plenty of walks around the various lakes, with lots of birds to look out for.  I am yet to see a Kingfisher although I don’t think I have the patience to sit and watch! After your walk, you can sit down on one of the many picnic tables and have a picnic, or the Kingfisher Cafe offers a great range of snacks, lunches and drinks.  After your picnic, the Visitor Centre is open throughout the summer which has interesting facts to learn and often craft paper and pencils for your budding Picasso’s.

Lyveden New BieldNr Oundle, PE8 5AT.  Admission prices: £6.40, Under 18’s and NT members FREE.  One of my best most recent purchases has been a National Trust Membership.  I have been to Lyveden New Bield once before to run a 10k would you believe, but I only recently visited with my children this Summer.  We went during the May half term on a gorgeous sunny day when they had various activities for the children.  We did pond dipping and wandered around the house.  Lyveden is an incomplete Elizabethan house. Throughout August, there is ‘Wild Wednesdays’ (see their website for more details).  No trip to Lyveden is complete without sampling one of their delicious cream teas for me and a chocolate brownie for the children.  Well worth a visit!!

Cheeky Monkees – Curie Courtyard, Cockerell Road, Corby, NN17 5DU. Admission prices: £5.50, Under 1’s FREE. Cheeky Monkees is Corby’s answer to a soft play barn. The centre is split into four sections: Babies area, Under 3’s area, Play frame and Sports area.  Having these sections are great and helps keep all age groups occupied.  The baby area is great as it is all padded and has various toys to keep your little ones entertained. The play frame should keep even the most active soft play go-ers amused.  There is also a cafe on site which sells a variety of lunches, drinks and snacks.

Savoy CinemaParkland Gateway, George Street, Corby, NN17 1QG.  Admission prices: Adult £7.95, Child £5.95.  The Savoy Cinema is lovely and clean inside, and the seats are comfortable with cup holders. One of my favourite features of this cinema is they do ‘couples’ chairs, two seats in one so you can sit and snuggle with your other half or your children.  This is perfect for young ones to sit and snuggle with their parents as I know most children don’t love that the chairs fold up! Another great thing about the Savoy is the ‘Kid’s Club’ screenings.  These are £1.95 for all children AND accompanying adults, perfect if its your child’s first visit to the cinema.  Check the website for screenings.

East Carlton Country ParkChurch Lane, East Carlton, Market Harborough, LE16 8YA. Admission: FREE.  A stone’s throw from the pool is East Carlton Country Park.  This is a great park for a run around and play.  The parking is free, there is a cafe, fantastic playground, lots of walks and green space, and a duck pond to feed the ducks. A lovely venue for a walk, picnic and play.

Sywell Country Park – Washbrook Lane, Ecton, Northampton, NN6 0QX.  Admission: FREE, Parking £3 for 4 hours or £5 for 12 hours.  Similar to Barnwell with its walks, lakes and play areas.  If you don’t mind travelling a little further, its worth a trip and then there’s always Beckworth Emporium for afternoon tea afterwards (its on my bucket list!!).

Swimming @ Corby International Pool – Parkland Gateway, George Street, Corby, NN17 1QG. Admission prices: Adults £4.40, Child £2.60, Under 5 FREE.  Corby International Pool is by far one of the best swimming pools I’ve been to especially for children.  There is a small 20m learner pool, as well as a 50m eight lane traditional pool, diving boards and the best bit is the fun splash pirate themed pool complete with slide and pirate ship.  The changing facilities are unisex and include big family changing rooms with changing tables in, FAB!  Corby pool offers fantastic Mum friendly facilities including a creche.  The creche is £3.10 for an hour, I have used the facility for both of my children and they have enjoyed their time in there. One of their most useful features is ‘Swing and Bring’: this is the opportunity to have 60 minutes of Mummy time whilst your children play in the creche, they will then bring your children down to the pool for some fun.  Check out their webpage for more details and the full swimming timetable.

Lodge Park Sports Centre – Shetland Way, Corby, NN17 2SG. Admission prices: various.  Lodge Park is a big sports centre in Corby.   Lots of the activities run alongside the activities on offer at the pool.  I have taken H to a gymnastics session when L was little and it was fabulous, he loved it!  Over the summer break, they are running similar sessions: “Soft Play Sessions’, these run on Thursdays 10am-12pm.  They are designed for children from crawling –  6 years and are £3 per child or £5 per family.  A wet Thursday is all you need!

Wicksteed Park -Admission prices: £6 to park all day; Adult £15, Child £18, Mini-me (0.9-1.0m tall) £15.  Wicksteed Park is basically a theme park.  Lots of rides, play areas, water play and good old family fun. Be aware, that to go on some rides you have to purchase and use ‘tokens’ as well.  They start at £22 for 20 tokens.

Oundle Library – Glapthorn Rad, Oundle, PE8 4JA.  Admission prices: FREE.  Bundle library has updated its children’s section of late, and it is really fab.  There are some tables set up with a few toys and the book supply is great.  If me and the kids are at a loose end, we often drive over for an hour or so and take out a few books.  But the next treat is a real child pleaser.  Just next door (although not part of the library) is ‘The Hub’ at Fletton House.  This place does DELICIOUS cake and really good cakes and sandwiches.  If you’re lucky enough, there’s a little spot in the corner with some toys, sofas and books which are great for entertaining the little ones whilst you sip your coffee and if you’re like me….stuff as much cake in my mouth before the kids notice!!

Stanwick Lakes – Rockingham Forest Trust, Stannic Lakes, Stanwick, NN9 6GY.  Admission prices: FREE; however car park charges apply.  Stanwick Lakes is a wonderful attraction virtually on our doorstep in Northamptonshire.  There is a fantastic adventure playground to keep your little ones entertained which does include some water play so be prepared and take puddle suits or spare clothes/shoes.  In addition to the fantastic playground, there is also loads of events going on throughout the summer, but do check their website as booking may be essential and age limits may apply.

Top left: Stanwick Lakes, Top right: National Space Centre, Bottom left: East Carlton Country Park, Bottom right: Lyveden New Bield


The Yard – Unit 2, West Street, Stamford, PE9 2PL.  Admission prices: Adult free, Child (2-7) £4.50, Under 2’s £3, Under 6 months FREE.  The Yard is Stamford’s answer to soft play.  It is a really well thought out space with plenty of space to sit and drink coffee, and a fantastic set up for the children which isn’t too big that they get lost.  The drinks and cake here are delicious too.  The one downside of the Yard is the parking or lack of.  If you’re prepared to park elsewhere and walk, then this is perfect.

Burghley House Gardens – Burghley House, Stamford, PE9 3JY.  Admission prices: Adult £12 Child (3+) £8.  Although you can wander around Burghley Park for free, it is well worth a trip into the Gardens at least once this summer particularly if we get a sunny day (we can wish!). Burghley are repeating last years epic deal, they will automatically convert your ticket to an annual pass, so you can re-visit for free anytime (during opening periods, check their website for details) for 365 days after purchasing your ticket. In the gardens, you will find: sculptures, lovely walks, a lake, picnic spots, and the real draw is the ‘Gardens of Surprise’ which are lots of lovely water fountains and cool water features.  My two have grown to like it, but it is always a stressful visit for me as they always seem to run in opposite directions! I don’t like to go without the back-up of another set of eyes!  It is a really lovely day out especially if the weather is nice and a promise of an ice-cream at the end!

My Artful Splodger – West Street, Stamford, PE9 2PS. Admission prices: £7 per session.  A relatively new thing (I think), My Artful Splodger looks like it would be really good fun, and best bit: NO CLEARING UP at the end for you! There are lots of different themes and activities on offer, including: play doh, shaving foam, crafts, water and much more.  All the children will be given a drink and a biscuit and the parents get that all important tea or coffee! Booking is essential so have a look at their Facebook page for more details.

Swimming @ Stamford Leisure Pool – Drift Road, Stamford, PE9 1UZ. Admission prices: Adult £4.90, Child £3.25, Under 5’s £0.80. Stamford Leisure Pool is the council run pool in Stamford.  There is a large pool, small splash pool, wave machine and slide.  Changing facilities are clean and adequate.  Check out their website for the swim timetable.

Belton House – Belton House, Grantham, NG32 2LS. Admission prices: Adult £15, Child £9.60, Under 5’s and NT members: FREE.  Belton House is AMAZING! After visiting Belton once with my sister and her children, I immediately signed myself and my husband up to be members. The Adventure playground here is fabulous, relatively new, but superbly designed! Their is a small cafe and toilets on site at the cafe, a mega plus for potty training toddlers! There is so much on offer at the playground, that on my first visit we didn’t manage to see it all.  For a small charge, you can ride on the miniature train which H loves.  As with Lyveden, there are some fun activities on offer on Wednesdays in their ‘Wild Wednesday’s’.  Towards the house, the gardens are well worth a look round or for a sit down and/or picnic.  In the courtyard, there is the Ride Play Cafe, a smaller indoor playground, perfect if its a little chilly.  At weekends and during school holidays, the Discovery Centre is open which offers craft activities and on special holidays (Easter/Christmas) there are usually some extra special activities.  I could go on, but we love it. Definitely worth a trip.

Stamford Children’s Centre – Green Lane, Stamford, PE9 1HE.  Admission: free although there may be charges for some activities.  Similar to a library, Stamford Children’s Centre offer a vast timetable of activities throughout the week.  I am yet to visit (our holiday schedule seems to getting busy!), but Wednesday’s keep appealing to me as they have their ‘Story Box’ hour from 10-11am which involves reading a story and having a play related to the story.  We love a bedtime story in our house, and some of the featured stories (follow them on Facebook) have been some of our firm favourites.

Grimsthorpe Castle and Gardens – Grimsthorpe Estate, Bourne, PE10 0LY.  Admission prices: Adult £6, Child (5-18) £2.50, Under 5’s FREE.  I’ve never been to Grimsthorpe Castle, but stumbled across it whilst doing some research for this post.  It looks a bit like a combination of Burghley and Belton House.  There are toilets and a cafe on site, as well as cycle hire.  A big plus for young families is the adventure playground which includes the usual suspects: zip wire, slides, swings, climbing towers, etc etc.  Check the opening times before going as Grimsthorpe is closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

Bowthorpe Park Farm – Manthorpe, Bourne, PE10 0JG. Admission prices: Adult £4.50, Child £3.50, TWO and UNDER: FREE. Bowthorpe is on my list, as it seems really good value for money.  Although not open all the time (just weekends).  Bowthorpe is famous for its Oak Tree which is thought to be over 1000 years old; but if an old tree doesn’t float your boat, then you’ll be able to see various animals and have a wander around the grounds.

Woolsthorpe Manor – Water Lane, Grantham, NG33 5PD.  Admission prices: Adult £3.59, Child £2.50.  Woolsthorpe Manor is on my list of places to visit.  As you’ve already seen, we love a National Trust place! For those of you who don’t know, Woolsthorpe Manor is the childhood home of Sir Isaac Newton (yes, the one who discovered gravity), in fact, that very apple tree is in the gardens.  During the summer holidays, there are workshops on Wednesdays.  At the manor, there is a ‘science centre’ which looks great and very interactive for young and inquisitive minds.  Naturally, like all NT properties, it wouldn’t be complete without a delicious cafe, and this one looks to be famous for its soup and science! Looks like it would be a great trip!

Top left: Belton House, Top right: Burghley Garden of Surprises, Bottom left: Bugtopia, Bottom right: West Lodge Rural Centre


Bugtopia – Sykes Lane, Empingham, LE15 8QL. Admission prices: Adult £7.50, Child £6.50, Under 2’s FREE. Great for a rainy day, I took H a while ago now when Lwas still quite little. I was able to wheel the pushchair round with ease which was a plus. There’s an inside section before going ‘out’ into the rainforest section. There’s some really cool dragons and other creatures in enclosures, but the exciting bit is seeing the butterflies and other insects flying around free. The staff here are very knowledgable and most approachable for any questions. The only downside is there isn’t anywhere to have a picnic/packed lunch inside, but there are plenty of picnic tables at the play area just across the car park.

Rutland Water Beach -Sykes Lane, Empingham, LE15 8QL. Admission prices: free, but car parking charges apply.  Rutland Water has a lot to offer and the man made beach they introduced a few years back has been a fantastic addition.  My two love the beach, but I can’t face the 1.5hrs trip to Norfolk for the day by myself, so this is ideal as its only down the road.  Take a picnic and your bucket and spade and enjoy the sun!  For those of you who have older children, you may be interested in the Rutland Aqua Park, or if you fancy an afternoon child free! A crazy floating obstacle course, I definitely want to have a go, but need to get organised and book it!

Oakham Castle – Castle Grounds, Market Place, Oakham, LE15 6DR.  Admission prices: FREE.  Set in the beautiful market town of Oakham, Oakham Castle is a lovely way to occupy the children for a couple of hours.  They are very family friendly here with lots of things to entertain your little ones with a dressing up box for all your budding knights, colouring books, stories, quizzes and trails.  Most days, there is even self service tea and coffee! Oakham also has plenty of lovely cafes for that all important sugar fix, did I mention I love cake!

Rutland Farm Park – Uppingham Road, Oakham, LE15 6JD.  Admission: Adult £6, Child (3-12) £5.00 and Under 3 FREE.  Recently re-opened (September 2017), Rutland Farm Park is a great attraction, offering good value for money.  Theres a large variety of animals to see including the usual suspects as well as alpacas and llamas, but there is also a tea room on site which offers a good range of food including afternoon tea.

National Space Centre – Exploration Drve, Leicester, LE4 5NS. Admission prices: Adult £14.00, Child £11.00, Under 5’s FREE.  This is on my bucket list for the summer holidays! The National Space Centre looks great.  There is lots of activities going on over the summer, and tonnes of interactive things to look at for inquisitive minds.

Twin Lakes – Melton Spinney Road, Melton Mowbray, LE14 4SB. Admission prices: Adult £19.99, Child (108cm+) £19.99, Child (95cm-108cm) £9.99, Under 95cm FREE.  Similar to Wicksteed, just another county, Twin Lakes in Melton Mowbray looks to be a fantastic day out, particularly if you have an older child.  If the website is anything to go by, then it looks like psychedelic fun, which, lets face it, every child adores! Take a peek at their website for more details. 

Twycross Zoo – Burton Road, Atherstone, CV9 3PX.  Admission prices: Adult £16.80, Child (3-18) £12.48, Under 3’s FREE.  Although technically in Warwickshire, Twycross Zoo is worth a look.   There is a large range of animals to look at as well the traditional smaller animals,  but also on site is a soft play centre, complete with cafe!  The soft play centre is £4.50, but free if you have paid to go into the zoo.  Use their website to book tickets and have a look at what’s on offer.

Mini Monsters – Long Row Business Park, Long Row, Oakham, LE15 6LN. Admission prices: Adults FREE, Child (2-7yrs) £4.95, Under 2’s £2.95, Under 6 months FREE.  Mini Monsters is Oakham’s answer to soft play.  Friends who have been say it is clean and good fun  the cafe provides a variety of delicious snacks and worth a trip

THANK YOU for taking the time to read such a lengthy post. I have enjoyed researching all the places on my doorstep, and I hope you get some enjoyment and inspiration from reading it.

Disclaimer: please check prices on individual websites before you travel.

Travelling with toddlers

I’m hoping come July, this will have been one of my better ideas!!

Having been mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest a few weeks ago, I came across the idea of an activity bag made from a hanging toiletry bag. With a roaming and feral toddler and an energetic three year old to entertain on a flight to Spain, I HOPE this ‘plane activity bag’ will be just the ticket. 
So, I set to work on researching a cheap hanging toiletry bag and ended up settling on this black one. In an ideal world, it would have a proper handle but for £6 I can’t go wrong. It has two zip clear pockets and a large detachable black zipped bag. 

After a bit of thought and a wander round some shops, this is what went in.

1. Cars: my two love toy cars, so it was an easy decision to take a few cars and two planes (we are going on one of course!). You can get cars from Wilkinson’s from 50p – £3b 

2. Pens: I already had a packet of these pens, but I would recommended these if you’re going to a holiday home/holiday as they are washable! I bought these a while ago from Amazon for £3.30. 

3. Paper: these little notebooks were 50p each from Tesco. I picked these because they were small and I could fit two in the bag. 

4. Animals: I popped these in as I thought they were reasonably priced, were quite big so they wouldn’t get lost and I thought they would be durable around the pool/beach. Hopefully they’ll enjoy playing with them. These were the most expensive of the items at £3.00 from Tesco. 

5. Play-doh: fortunately we had some small pots of play doh from a birthday present, so these were perfect. I have put four pots in purely because we are going on holiday with two other children. I also added a couple of rolling pins, cutters and utensils as they were small. These retail at £4.99 for four pots of playdoh. 

6. Craft bits: my two aren’t overly enamered by crafting but I’ve picked up some pipe cleaners, Pom poms, foam stickers and some googly eyes. The last thing I need to add is some pritt stick but I might just buy a small one when we’re in Spain. I bought 2 craft packs from Tesco, both containing foam stickers, Pom poms and pipe cleaners, they were £1.50 each and I have used half of each.  The googly eye were 94p. 

7. Spyrograph and tic-tac-toe: these were a bit of an impulse buy. I don’t think my youngest will have a go with the spyrograph, but I’m hoping she’ll use the tic-tac-toe as a phone. The spyrograph was £1.00 and tic-tac-toe was £2.50 (pack of 4)

8. Mini click and catch and floppy snakes: another impulse buy. My oldest has played with a click and catch but I fairly positive this set will either lose the ball within 30 secs OR it will break within a minute. The floppy snakes will just be a bit of fun I think. The click and catch was £1.50 (pack off 4) and the snakes £1.50 (pack of 4), both from Tesco.  

8. Toiletry bag: I got this from Wilkinson’s for £6. 


Everything I had to purchase including the toiletry bag, the ‘activity bag’ cost about £15 and I still have craft bits left over to make up another if this one is a success. Hopefully I won’t spend the final 45 minutes of our flight picking up googly eyes and Pom poms!